About us


Hello there! My name is Adam Finch and I’m the person behind vacuumapprove.com. I have been into vacuum cleaner industry almost half of my corporate life. Being production manager of an MNC firm, I learned about the vacuum cleaner and the technology behind it for about ten years. And this is why I started this website with few of my colleagues, to help people choose the best machine to clean-up their home, especially vacuum cleaners.

There are a lot of helpful articles all over the internet that will tell you more than specs of any vacuum cleaner than a reputed store could. However, the sort of articles that will really help you pick the best cleaner for your necessities will clarify why a particular unit is preferable for you over another. What’s more, we help you to provide the best among the best in the market. We also help you to check out vacuum cleaner category wise. We assure you that there is no brand preference and we review the product as it is so that you get the original review of any vacuum cleaner you are planning to purchase. The sort of articles we prescribe is to my loved ones and believers so that they can buy better when they’re hoping to purchase new vacuum cleaners.

There are no sponsored or paid posts on this site and those advertisements that you will see, which are important to keep the entire thing rolling and pay the bills, have definitely no impact on our article arrangement.

The Theoretic approach

Every one of the cleaners found on our site has a comparable structure, and to provide a detailed review, break them down into smaller categories. By dissecting similar components on every one of the cleaners, our surveys can help you thoroughly analyze, and then finally narrow down to the best vacuum cleaner for your home or office.

Our Principles


Vacuumapprove.com is focused on dependable comply with the most astounding benchmarks of value. Our site is continually redesigned with a specific end goal to offer you new and critical data.


There are plenty of audit sites that lone component positive machine surveys. Those audits are not genuine and are for the most part utilized as ads. Since we need our pursuers to trust us, we have a fair-minded approach towards every one of the vacuum cleaners that we examine. On the off chance that a cleaner does not sufficiently offer to legitimize its cost or on the off chance that it has gotten many terrible client audits and negative test evaluations, you can rely on us to incorporate this data on our surveys.


Here at Vacuum Approve, the surveys have the ideal equation: they incorporate all the data that matters and this data is introduced in a reasonable and compact way, keeping in mind the end goal to be comprehended by anybody. By and by, we expect to always enhance ourselves. We are responsive to your criticism and regular, we put every one of our endeavors into attempting to be superior to anything we were yesterday.