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Miele Complete C3 Alize Canister Vacuum Cleaner - The Winner


The quietest Miele canister vacuum cleaner ever made IS HERE. It’s stylish, it’s effective and it’s worth the money.

An ideal choice for hardwood floors and low-pile areas, our best suggestion when it comes to canister vacuum cleaners, Miele complete C3 Alize.

Miele is a profound brand trusted for making high-quality products, pointedly, excellent canister vacuum cleaners. From the flagship series of Miele, the C3 Miele complete C3 has what each of us secretly crave from a vacuum cleaner; it’s almost like they’ve been listening to us, all these years. Its excellence could be judged with its uncompromising design and its effectiveness as a product. Other Miele vacuum reviews about the product on the internet say the same. Here is a complete and detailed review of the Miele Complete C3 with everything you would want to know about it.



Why Miele Complete C3 Alize is the Best?

You can finally clean your house when your children are sleeping, or have a quick chat without your vacuum cleaner disturbing you. It’s that quiet. Even on the highest suction setting.

And we’re not done yet!

Design and Weight

It’s a low-noise canister vacuum cleaner beast with 1200-watt Miele-vortex motor that promises superior dust intake and a powerful performance. We recommend it for the hard flooring and low-pile carpeting. Its advanced AirTeQ floor tool seamlessly switches between carpets and smooth floor for your ultra-quiet operation. It’s connected with Miele AirTeQ combo tool which is designed for a better airflow and continual contact with the floor, giving the same cleaning result with way less power consumption. It’s matched with built-in shock absorbers on its swivelling wheels, for a quiet and gliding experience over thresholds, and it comes in a pretty colour, Ivory White.

It comes with a 22-ft. long power cord, extending up to 36-ft. of cleaning radius. If that’s not notable, with a push of a button you can rewind the entire cord inside the appliance. This lightweight vacuum cleaner for its size only weighs 11.9 lbs., making it easy to carry and operate.



To allow a seamless transition between hardwood floors to rugged carpeted areas, there are 6-speed settings which can be controlled directly from the handle or the plus-minus button on this Miele vacuum cleaner. It puts all the debris and dust where it belongs – inside the miele vacuum bags – with its AirClean Sealed System. Its vacuum cleaner bag of 4.76 quarts, an active component of the AirClean System is made out of an electrostatically charged material, and with its spring-loaded mechanism and self-sealing collar, it stays tight, without a chance for a leakage. It also has an indicator to let you know – it’s done, ‘change the bag’.

It’s on our list of best canister vacuum cleaners, and its HEPA filter is one of the outstanding reason why. It promises to filter 99.95% of all airborne particles, which extends down to 0.1 microns. Undoubtedly impressive, adjoining it with a TimeStrip indicator that reminds you on changing the filter in time. There are also additional charcoal layers that eliminate unwanted odours.


Miele Complete C3 Alize, being the best canister vacuum cleaner, has a stainless steel telescopic wand. You’re given a set of 3 accessories: SFD 10 Standard nozzle, the SSP 10 dusting brush and the upholstery tool, to attach to this wand. There are other accessories that are model specific and you can also connect them to make it a multipurpose vacuum cleaner. There is a Crevice tool for tight spaces, Upholstery Tool for curtains and furniture and a dusting brush for delicate cleaning.

It has the safety shut-off that prevents the motor from the overheating issue.

It has an enhanced silence insulation system with an encapsulated motor making the Miele Complete C3 Alize a quieter option than nearly all the other vacuum cleaners. We can’t stress that enough.

It has a bright LED spotlight on its operating handle, illuminating the very area you are cleaning, very handy indeed. This spotlight is powered by the 3 AAA batteries, also included with the device. This automatic vacuum cleaning device has a 6-level automatic suction setting, best for a hassle-free vacuuming. Its LED display panel on the canister displays what level of suction setting you’re on. So, you can always be sure and pampered at the same time.

Every necessary part of it swivels and turns to give you a resistance free experience, an impressive manoeuvrability. It turns ON the stand-by mode when you park the floor tool in its rear spot, and also automatically resumes when you remove it. You’ll forget to struggle when cleaning.

This impressive Miele canister vacuum cleaner comes with a 7-year warranty for the motor and 1-year warranty for body casing and all the other accessories. It’s pretty neat!


Miele C3 complete Alize is an excellent vacuum cleaner with Miele vacuum parts easily available in case you ever need them. Also it is the best option if you don’t have pets or high pile carpets. You get this piece of art designed by Germans in almost half of the price—around $700— compare to the Miele C3 top-notch models.


No doubt, Miele Complete C3 Alize is a great canister vacuum cleaner for homes with mostly hardwood, or tiled, or with a few delicate area rugs. It’s also an ideal choice for someone with sophisticated cleaning needs. It’s convenient. It’s simple to use, especially with its smart automatic settings. The Miele Alize has a plenty of power in it, yet it is one of the most energy efficient options out there. It’s adequate for all your cleaning needs, and some more. If you’re a family with allergies, you cannot beat Miele’s filtration system because – a clean home is a happy home.

Happy Cleaning. Still unclear about our best canister vacuum cleaner suggestion?

Here is a quick list of Pros and Cons. Checkout the product on Amazon from here.

  • Unmatched Filtration system.
  • 1200-watt Miele Vortex motor with a 7-year warranty.
  • Bright LED spotlight for your dark cleaning habits.
  • Automatic 6-level suction setting to match all the surfaces of your house.
  • Even on the highest suction setting, unbelievably quiet.
  • 36–foot cleaning radius, best for big houses.
  • One-touch cord rewind button.
  • Filter and Bag change indicators.
  • Super easy to assemble.
  • Beautiful German design with neutral ivory white colour.
  • Combination floor tool by AirTeQ with a super strong suction.
  • Not suitable for high-pile rugs/carpets.

• Super easy assemble.
• Unmatched Filtration systeem.
• 1200-watt Miele Vortex motor.

• Not suitable for high-pile rugs/carpets.

Bissell 1161 Hard Floor Expert Deluxe Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Let’s get it straight; this Bissell canister vacuum cleaner doesn’t fancy with a long cord, and, also nags you with multiple plugging. But, when it comes to hardwood floors, as the name suggests, Bissell hard floor expert 1161, is a charm. It’s a powerful and a safer cleaning option. It’s your device if you need a vacuum cleaner for low-pile carpets and rugs and all that hardwood cleaning – without a scratch. That’s why we vouch for it. We recommend it.

Bissell canister vacuum cleaner

Weight and Design

Haven’t we heard – lesser is better – especially when we’re talking about weight. The Bissel expert 1161 canister vacuum cleaner  weighs 9 pounds and it’s super easy to carry around. Its mechanically engineered design helps it for an easy storing. Good looks do matter. We know that – but it’s the case of the complete package, best design with quality work. That’s what you get from the Bissell hard floor expert  1161.

This Bissell canister vacuum cleaner, with its rubber wheels, makes an excellent easy-to-carry device, or if you’re not a carry person, roll it around – those crafted rubber wheels are for your precious hardwood floors. Its design enables it to function at a comparatively quieter volume – at only 82.5 decibels – so you don’t disturb your loved ones while cleaning. Isn’t it a sign for a well-designed device?

Though it's short – it’s not too short, its 16-foot power cord enables you to clean the corresponding radial area. It eliminates the hassle to wind up the chord. It retracts with a simple push of a button, making your life easier. Also, the cord retracts at the rear base of the unit – making its storage an easy task. Although, as we mentioned – there is a cable limit – so, Bissell has compensated it with a floor brush that spans around for ten inches, ultimately extending your cleaning radius.


First thing first, it’s known for its portability, powerful suction, and slim ergonomic design. Also it is the best vacuum cleaner for carpet cleaning.

Being a device which is easy to use and efficient at hardwood floor cleaning, it stands out for its multiple automatic controlling features. Pointedly, there are automatic height adjustment settings and suction control settings. Its automatic height adjustment helps to regulate how close your device sits on the floor. You can also manually customize it in accordance with the kind of level you‘re cleaning. It’s bliss. In case you face any difficulty in operating the vacuum cleaner, you can find all the answers in the Bissell carpet cleaner solution manual.

Its suction control helps you to manage your device’s suction level between drapes and low-pile carpets. You can monitor the suction standards of the device both from its handle and its base. To activate the controlling buttons on the handle, place batteries in it, as they (buttons) are powered directly by the batteries.

This Bissell bagless vacuum comes with a 33.8 ounces tank to hold the dirt that comfortably sits at the bottom, to keep you away from all the allergens and harmful particles. It indeed saves your time and money from the hassle of buying and replacing your dirt bags. It also comes with a filter that helps remove pollutants from the air surrounding you.

That Hard floor expert is useful on multiple surfaces; bare floors, tiles, hardwood, rugs, even low-pile carpets.  Bissell Expert 1161 canister vacuum cleaner promises an expert level of floor cleaning with its perfect precision. Most of the people find it hard to clean certain corners, some edges, the places beneath your beds, behind your curtains. And, Bissell acknowledges that, so it has designed expert 1161 to meet all those edgy needs.

It has a 7-amp motor, a modest power compared to the other similar models, but it still has the suction to compete, in fact, ‘beat’ most of them. It’s efficient at picking up almost anything it is designed for. This also makes it the best among the other Bissell carpet cleaners. In case you have pet in your home, it can easily take up the job of Bissell pet carpet cleaner to pick up all those annoying pet hairs stuck in your carpet.

This exceptional vacuum cleaner, Bissell hard floor expert, comes with a range of cleaning tools, including its eight-foot hose. The other onboard devices comprise a crevice tool, a telescopic extension wand, a low-pile carpet tool and an air-driven hard floor dusting brush. All these tools combine to make this machine a versatile vacuum cleaner. Its dusting tool comes with soft bristles, seemingly helpful to clean crumbs and fine debris and pet hair. It’s effective for various floor types. And like magic with an electric boom, it cleans everything on a hard floor.  Also, all the Bissell carpet cleaner parts are easily available in the market and also on online stores.

Bissell Inc is a leader in the market of vacuum cleaners and floor care products. Bissell, being a reputed brand since 1876, manufactures some of the best hard floor and best carpet cleaning solutions and warrants Hard Floor Expert 1161 for two years against any malfunctioning or defective part. Bissell provides both its contact number and email for the support at any weak point of your purchase. For the other support options, you have; product manuals, FAQs pages, how-to-videos and cleaning tutorials.


Bissell hard floor expert 1161 is one of the best canister vacuum and best vacuum cleaner for carpet  whose budget doesn’t tear your pocket. Its design and capabilities way surpasses a cleaner for delicate surfaces. It’s best for hardwood floors, drapes and upholstery, not forgetting; it’s powerful to manage rugs and carpets too. Even though there is a short power cord, and a smaller cleaning radius compared to the other models, it does clean the low-pile carpets and hardwood floors alike. Regarding usage, this Bissell carpet weeper is durable and requires almost no maintenance. And this makes it the best canister vacuum cleaner for the hard floors.

We highly recommend this product. Still, have a tight-spot deciding whether you should buy it or not?

Go through our quick list of pros and cons. Also, Checkout this product on Amazon.

  • Powerful, yet attractive.
  • Dedicatedly designed for hard floor dusting,
  • Safely cleans pet hair, crumbs, and fine debris.
  • Swivel for an easy under and around furniture cleaning.
  • Soft-Grip for better handling.
  • Lightweight which makes it easy to operate and carry
  • Slim design for easy storage.
  • Plastic construction for a lightweight design
  • Bagless Vacuum cleaner technology for an allergen frees storing.
  • Advanced features like height adjustments and suction control settings.
  • Nonmarking rubber wheels for a scratch free rolling.
  • 2-year limited warranty.
  • Short power cord.
  • The hassle of multiple plugging, but it’s not a major issue. You can easily fix this by getting a portable socket.

• Powerful,yet attractive.
• Safetly Cleans pet hair,crunmbs,and fine debris.
• 2 year warranty.

• Short power cord.
• Needs portable socket.

Samsung Motion Sync Bagless Canister Vacuum

The Samsung Motion Sync Bagless Canister Vacuum is a 14-chamber cyclonic system that offers power and a deep cleaning for all your floors in your system. It’s a low noise level device that guarantees a distraction-free environment for your family. So, you can clean your home even when your family is asleep. This Samsung Vacuum cleaner provides a reliable long-lasting suction irrespective of what surface you’re on. Its power brush digs deep into the carpet to provide you with a cleaner surface against even the most stubborn dirt.

Weight and Design

The Samsung Motion Sync weighs over 16 pounds, claiming the tag of one of the heaviest vacuum cleaners in the lineup, but that’s not a deal breaker when you’ll see its powerful performance. As the saying goes, with great weight – comes the great power. And despite its weight, it remains stable and one of the most manoeuvrable bagless canister devices.

Apart from having a note-worthy body, Samsung bagless canister vacuum also has a well-designed user interface. The advantage of a better user interface lets you control most of its function directly from its handle. You don’t have to keep making adjustments by bending over while vacuuming. Samsung cares for you, doesn’t it?

To provide smoother and stable motion during the use, this Samsung Motion Sync Vacuum Cleaner comes with a professional cambered wheel design. It avoids scratches on any of your precious floors, no matter how many times you cross them.

It surely has a set of some nice design features and certainly a good-looking product.


Samsung Motion Sync Canister Vacuum cleaner has the CycloneForce Multi which features 14 inner chambers that help to create a multi cyclonic airflow. It makes a strong centrifugal force that separates all the dust particles and debris directly from the air and doesn’t allow it to leave the chamber. This design helps in preventing the filter from clogging and sustain a maximum suction power for a long time.

Samsung combined the usually separate tools; crevice and dusting tool into a single attachment. It’s built right into the handle so you don’t lose the items. It’s very intuitive.

You get the following accessories with the product; a parquet floor head, a two-step brush and a power brush plus. Both the brushes that come with the package have the dust sensors to distinguish a completely clean area from the dirty area.


This device is designed to roll over gaps between floor and tiles. It switches as the user pulls it along. The brush swivels to provide with a clean mechanism for a scratch free cleaning. With its heavy weight, it surely is hard to move, but when you get the machine where you need it – it’s pretty easy to clean and operate. This product also comes with a one-touch retract button to give you a hassle-free wind-up.

Coming to the cleaning performance, Samsung Sync Motion is seemingly good at picking up the dirt from the carpet, though it struggles a little on deeper carpets, but it does the job. Talking about its flattering performance, it eats every kind of debris thrown at it with sophistication. There you’ll have np complaints about it.

This Samsung canister vacuum has a sponge type foam filter that is easy to fix, clean and wash. A quick rinse is what it takes to prevent the filter from clogging. It promises to catch high levels of dust and ensures enduring suction. This bagless canister vacuum cleaner is designed to achieve great dusting and cleaning results and it lives that promise.

This product comes with an amazing adhesion on its extreme force brush, providing you with a firm grip for a spotless cleaning. The grip helps to diffuse the pressure evenly over the entire brush and enable it for a powerful pick-up of unwanted particles and dust. This certainly ensures for an overall effective performance.


Samsung Motion Sync Bagless vacuum cleaner is simple to detach from its dust bin, and simpler is to clean it. It speedily separates at the push of a button. You just have to twist the cover, dump the contents into the trash, and with an ease, slide it back. Post the cleaning of the dustbin, it’s equally easy to detach the filter and clean it. Samsung’s design leaves no struggle for a customer in this case.

Another USP of Samsung Motion Sync is its remote-control handle with built-in control buttons. With these buttons, it becomes super easy to switch on/off the machine or select the desirable suction level, and it also helps in to manage the attachable accessories. This does enhance the product’s design and make it a single handed device that provides you with the spotless cleaning at very least interruption.

This canister vacuum cleaner lengths 9 feet from its base to its head, which guarantees a greater cleaner radius. And, this bagless vacuum cleaner is allergy and asthma certified, making it a family-friendly device.


Undoubtedly, the Samsung Motion Sync is a competent machine. It does rank somewhere in the middle of the grid, but it does the job of a fair and powerful cleaning. During our time of reviewing the product, it performed better on the bare floors but minutely struggled on the deep carpets. This bagless canister vacuum cleaner, while it’s a bit pricey, Samsung compensates it with its innate interface. Its operation is super easy with its navigation controlling button available directly on the handle. Its multitool attachment is built right into the body that saves you from losing track of its dusting tools and separate crevices.

If you want a simple bagless canister vacuum cleaner with an outstanding interface, which will follow you wherever you go, this Samsung vacuum cleaner is a good choice.

Still puzzled if you should buy the Samsung Motion Sync or not? Go through our quick list of Pros and Cons. Happy cleaning. Check it on Amazon, now.

  • 14 chamber Cyclonic system to provide a long-lasting suction
  • Cambered wheel design for smoother and longer motion during the use
  • Built-in dust sensor for your tough cleaning needs
  • Easy to navigate; controls on the handle
  • Powerful and long-lasting suction
  • Allergy and Asthma certified
  • 12.7 inches’ power brush tool for a better cleaning coverage
  • Provides a 5-year repair warranty for the whole product
  • Weighs over 16 pounds, makes it a little harder to operate and carry around.

• 14 chamber Cyclonic system.
• Built-in dust sensor.
• Easy to navigate,controls on handle.

• Weighs over 16 pounds,harder to operate and carry.

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Dyson Ball Multi Floor Vacuum Cleaner

The company claims that this Dyson Ball multi-floor vacuum cleaner has the strongest suction compared to any other bagless upright vacuum cleaner. When we tested it – with its 245 air watts suction -- it stands true. It does have an impeccable suction level that enables it to pick up dirt on the range of surfaces, including carpet floors and rugs. It's a piece of art molded into a vacuum cleaner.  And the best thing about it is ii’s powerful and it's affordable. There are many Dyson ball multi floor reviews out there, but here we are going to provide you a detailed review of this Dyson ball vacuum.

                                             Dyson Ball Multi floor Vacuum Cleaner


Weight and Design

The Dyson Ball Multi floor upright vacuum cleaner has a set that makes a machine worth; a powerful motor, modern design and a patented swivel ball for easy maneuverability.

This Dyson vacuum cleaner weighs 17 pounds which are a bit on the heavier side. And it might not be easy to carry around or operate Dyson Ball Multi Floor. But, this shouldn’t stop you from buying it.Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson Multi Floor makes an impressive remark when it comes to both appearance and performance. While its design makes it harder to flatten out enough to clean under the furniture, it does give a thrust to zoom around easily, on all floor types and carpet surfaces. It even picks up the embedded dirt and your pet’s hair.Dyson Ball Multi floor


This bagless upright vacuum cleaner comes with a washable lifetime HEPA filter, making it easier to clean. It also saves your money from the continuous change of its filters. It’s bagless, and the involved accessory comes free with the product, with no extra cost. You also don’t require to buy replacement belts as the Dyson Multi Floor doesn’t use it.

This vacuum cleaner comes with a cord of 24.7 feet long, which after the fact is a little shorter when compared to other upright vacuum cleaners. But still, it provides an astounding 45 feet of cleaning radius. Its comparatively longer cord helps in avoiding a consistent switching between your plug points.

Dyson also gives out a stretchable hose that lets you clean above the floor.

The Dyson Ball Multi Floor maneuvers well around the corners, but at the same time, there are hitches when you try to reach under the lower surfaces. Another thing that ticks is its center which is bulky and doesn’t lie flat on the surface. Ultimately, this makes it harder to clean under the furniture, you either have to shift the item or use its built-in hose attachment.

This canister upright vacuum cleaner comes with an ample set of accessories; combination crevice and brush tool and a stair tool. These accessories attach to the back of the machine that makes it easy to locate. This accessory is similar to that of its previous model, except the tangle free turbine tool, but that makes it cheaper by $30. It makes it worth the cost it asks for. Not forgetting, the absence of turbine tool makes it a lighter option.Dyson Ball Multifloor

This Dyson Ball Muti Floor Upright Vacuum is well equipped to handle all types of hard floors with its strong suction and brush roll on/off feature.  Its low profile head may result in snow plow effect – to avoid it, you can very well clean huge bits of debris by quickly detaching hose and the extension wand. Coming to its small stair cleaning tool, it does deep clean but partially fails when it comes to pet hair and carpeted stairs.

Its detachable hose and extension wand is equipped to clean debris, dust, and dirt from upholstery, with an ease.

It does wonders when it comes to cleaning dirt off the carpet. Its Bristled beater bar allows it to deep clean and agitate at the same time. It’s also equipped to clean minor particles from the range of surfaces. Compared to the other models and the newer kinetic structures, the agitation of this product is a bit lower, but this doesn’t lag far behind. It’s a good contender indeed.

Its filtration system uses the Radial Root Cyclone technology. This technology avoids filters from getting clogged by self-inspecting the root causes.

Looking at its performance and its world-class design, its price is a good bargain. It’s one of the most affordable upright vacuum cleaners for your deep cleaning needs, and being manufactured by the Dyson, it makes it a worth full buy.

When it comes to Support, Dyson takes the badge. There is a contact and an email address to contact their customer care executives. Also, they have a set of how-to-videos for an easy start for every stage of your usage. The other support options are the FAQs pages. There are also several service centers located in many cities around the country. And, above all -- if you cannot find a local service center, Dyson promises to pay all the shipping charges in case your product needs a repair.Dyson Ball Multi floor review



Dyson Ball Multi floor upright vacuum cleaner is a great option for both a medium and a large house. Its 30-feet cord helps at reaching to the different corners of your house, although it may struggle at cleaning carpeted staircases and pet hair.

Certified by Asthma and Allergy association of America, Dyson Multi Floor has a whole machine HEPA filtration. But, while emptying the dirt space, since Dyson ball is a bagless vacuum cleaner, it does expose you to dust and allergens. So, wear a mask in order to protect yourself while cleaning it.

As far as consumer reviews are concerned, people love picking up dirt from their carpets through the Dyson Multi Floor, making their houses grime, allergens and dust free. In case you need a stronger vacuum cleaner – there is Cinetic Science upright, but if you’re looking for a budgeted option – Look no further. It’s a great and a cheaper alternative to all the expensive vacuum cleaners. You can trust on it that it will keep your house clean from bed bath and beyond.

Still confused around buying the Dyson Muti Floor?

Go through our quick Pros and Cons list. Check Dyson Ball Multifloor Vacuum Cleaner on Amazon.


  • Strong suction of 245 air watts compared to any upright vacuum.
  • 2.08 liters or 55 gallons of dirt capacity for your longer cleaning.
  • Champ at cleaning the areas above the floor.
  • Comes with the magic of two attachment accessories; combination tool and mini stair tool.
  • Total cleaning radius of 45 feet.
  • Self-adjusting cleaner head.
  • Provides 5 years of warranty for the entire vacuum cleaner and its accessories.
  • It has a small stair cleaning tool that helps in spot cleaning.
  • Doesn’t comprises an accessory to clean pet hair.
  • Comparatively expensive.
  • It’s close to 18 pounds that make the machine on the heavier side.


• Strong suction of 245 air watts.
• 2.08 liters of dirt capacity.
• Total cleaning radius of 45 feet.

• Doesn't comprises an accessory to clean pet hair.

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Eureka Readyforce Total

The Eureka Readyforce Total is a budget-friendly bagless canister vacuum cleaner. Engineered with cyclonic separation technology, it flaunts its strong suction and deep cleaning. With its 12-amps power, which is a match to most of the best canister vacuum cleaner, performs better than any other device of its cost. During our time of review, we ensure the pick-up ability of the device and its performance, and this Eureka vacuum cleaner, with its 11-inch cleaning head comes out as a powerful contender.

At a comparatively low price, this vacuum cleaner has a lot of cleaning power, especially for fine dust and debris. Eureka vacuum does what it’s known for, making efficient products; and ReadyForce Total is just another example. There are many Eureka vacuum cleaners and many more Eureka vacuum cleaner reviews out there, but if you are looking for a budget canister vacuum cleaner, this product might end your search.

Weight and Design

Eureka ReadyForce Total despite its trouble with bigger debris, did an excellent job at deep cleaning. This Bagless canister vacuum cleaner, which is of 12.3 pounds, comes under the lightweight vacuum cleaner category. Though it’s not a design to easily carry or move around your house, once you take it where it’s required – it’ll satisfy you with its performance.

The wand of Eureka ReadyForce Total has a true 360-degre rotation and it seamlessly rolls around on all kind of carpets and hardwoods. As far as the location of its handle is concerned, it’s not conveniently located and you might struggle to get adapted to it. But, once you get used to it – it’s pretty simple to operate and use.

ReadyForce Total is light and has a compact construction, but, it has a 2-ounce canister and that’s considered bulky. Adjoining the scuffle – it also has one of the shortest overall reaches for its range – decreasing its overall portability. To be precise – it has 16.5 feet of power cord, that might sound like a lot but it’s less than half of the longest chord in the line-up of its range.     


This Eureka canister vacuum device features a dual action motorised nozzle that provides with a hassle-free switch between the deep clean carpets and bare floors by just switching on/off the brushtool. You can control the brushroll on/off and device’s suction level directly from the handle. It’s very handy, we acknowledge that.

Eureka ReadyForce Total has an ideal professional construction for smaller homes, condos, dorm rooms, apartments and similar spaces.  This bagless vacuum cleaner has the maximum operating volume of 65 decibels, which according to the Galen Carol Audio, is comparable to the normal conversational noise. That’s pretty quiet for a vacuum cleaner. You can vacuum clean your house, without distracting your family watching TV in the adjacent room. Isn’t that great?

In the case of cleaning large rooms or stretched flight of stairs, you’ll have to switch between different plug points and move extensively compare to the other lightweight canister vacuum cleaner. Its hose is only 8.3 feet long, that is considered shorter compare to the other cleaners of the same range by at least 2 feet.

It comes with a Fresh Home HEPA filter which is certified to trap 99.97% of all airborne pollutants. That adds up to all the pollutant of 0.3 microns and larger.

For an effortless and quick storage, Eureka canister vacuum has the automatic cord rewind function. It seamlessly rewinds the entire cord with just a push of a button, enhancing its quick storage and portability.

For a further deeper cleaning, the Eureka ReadyForce Total is powered with a 12-amp motor that provides a continuous deep cleaning with a strong and stable suction.

The power button, suction level dial and the automatic rewind button – all is conveniently located at the canister, for a quick and efficient operation of the device. It’s a cleaner for your bare floors, drapes, countertops and hardwoods. And with its powerful suction, it does a fair job on deep carpets as well.

Since it’s a Eureka bagless vacuum -- It has an easy to remove plastic dust container. This easy-empty dust-cup is simple to remove and simpler to empty and clean it. You can also buy big Eureka vacuum bags in case you do not like to change the bag again and again frequently.

Eureka ReadyForce Total is a versatile choice for households who acknowledge that a vacuum cleaner is meant for a lot of other things than a usual dusting, and this device does that. It is also stable for cleaning pet hairs stuck on your carpets and sofa. So, it is Eureka pet vacuum as well along with bagless canister vacuum, and all that in a fair price.

Eureka offers multiple options when it comes to supporting for vacuum cleaners. It has an option of live chat to handle your queries instantly. Adding to that, Eureka has a range of FAQ pages and forums to discuss your device related issues. There is also a number and an email-ID to reach out to their customer support team. Also, there is a downloadable PDF in case you lose your instruction manual. Eureka does have a commendable support.

Above all, Eureka for its ReadyForce Total bagless canister vacuum cleaner offers a complete 5-year warranty on its parts and motor, and also covers its maintenance for the same period of time.


If you’re looking for a bagless canister  pet vacuum cleaner which doesn’t tear your pockets, in-fact it comes for a fraction of the cost of the other cleaners, Eureka ReadyForce Total is a good choice.

Frankly, this eureka vacuum cleaner is a tempting machine. It has all the feature an ideal vacuum cleaner should have -- a complete set of Eureka vacuum parts including fbaga powerful nozzle, a direct handling of brushtool, an easy to clean canister, a suction control and one-touch retracting cord function. With all these features and the fair price, the competition doesn’t even come close. It performs well with its outstanding manoeuvrability and promises to last long. Eureka also covers with all its maintenance and provides an amazing support for the device.

Look no further if this device matches your needs and budget.

Still puzzled about getting Eureka ReadyForce Total?

Read our quick list of Pros and Cons and also check it out on Amazon.

Happy Cleaning!

  • Cyclonic separation speedily separates the dirt from the air which extends the life of the Eureka vacuum filter
  • Powerful and longer suction
  • Dual action motorised nozzle to easily switch between clean carpets and bare floors
  • One-touch cleaning of Dustcup, for a quick cleaning process
  • HEPA filter; a certified way to stay away from allergens and dust
  • Attachment accessories to provide a versatile cleaning experience
  • Automated cord rewind for an effortless and quick storage
  • A powerful 12-amp motor for a deep cleaning performance
  • 5-years of warranty and free maintenance for the complete device
  • The Power cord and the hose are shorter in length.
  • Handle is not conveniently located.
  • Bulky canister.

• Powerful and longer suction.
• Dual action motorized nozzel.
• HEPA filter.

• Bulky canister.