Best Tile Floor Cleaners for Shower 2017

A bathroom is one of the hardest parts to clean in the entire house. People who clean the house will know how hard it is to get stains off the white tiles and corners. Not only that, stains get on to almost everything, the sink, the tub, the shower, the wall tiles etc. One can find many products that promise to get these stains off your bathroom, however, very few are really effective. Also, very fewer people have the knowledge to pick the best shower tile cleaner. And if you don’t know about them as well, here is a list of few effective and best shower tile floor cleaners that you can find in the market right now.

However, before we list out the tile  floor cleaners, you need certain tools as well to remove the stains properly and completely.

Items You Will Require along with Tile Floor Cleaners

• Scrubber

The soap scum on the tile surface is very hard to remove and you will need a hard scrubber that could wipe off the white layer. You can go for a scrubber with a long handle and also which is comfortable to hold as well. Oxo Good Grips Extendable Tub and Tile Scrubber is a good scrubber you can go with. It is really effective, budget and a long scrubber that will solve most of your problems.

• Mold

Mold is a special problem that requires a special kind of cleaner in order to get rid of it. Mold Armor FG532 Instant Mold and Stain remover is a perfect example of stain remover you will need.

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Best Shower Tile Floor Cleaner Reviews

1. Mr. Clean 32563 Tile Cleaner

Almost everyone knows about Mr. Clean 32563 tile cleaner and other Mr. Clean Eraser tile floor cleaners because they are awesome and work perfectly. There is nothing more you can ask from Mr. Clean Tile cleaners.

Using it is easy as well. Just take out the eraser, put some water on it, wring it out and scrub. The Mr. Clean Eraser can easy remove the white soap scum from the tile surface.

Another best thing about Mr. Clean 32563 eraser is that one can use it more than once for soft cleaning. But, all in all, this Mr. Clean Tile cleaner does remove all the stains from your bathroom.

2. Earth Friendly Product Tile Cleaner (15133)

Not every time you require hard tile floor cleaners. Sometimes, a soft shower cleaner is more than enough to remove soft stains. The Earth Friendly Tile cleaner not only cleans the scum but also prevents its forming.

We recommend you to use it once a week to prevent stains from getting onto the bathroom walls, corners, and tiles.
In addition to that, it is a natural product, biodegradable and plant based, so your health is not at all at risk in any way. Earth Friendly Product 15133 also leaves a pleasant smell of tea and lavender so that you come out fully fresh from your bathroom.

3. Mold Armor FG532

Mold Armor FG532 as the name says especially for mold problems. If you are facing a similar problem, you just need to spar some Mold Armor FG532 on it and it will do rest of the work for you.

Mold Armor FG532 does not require any kind of scrubbing or rubbing. All you have to do is spray and then rinse the solution off.
However, you need to keep the solution away from your skin and also open all the bathroom windows since it contains bleach.
If you are using it, make sure you leave the bathroom unused for around half an hour after spraying it with Mold Armor FG532.

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