How to Pick the Best Vacuum Cleaner – Smart Vacuum Guide

The vacuum technology improving day by day, and unlike old days where there were only a couple of vacuum models available, the current market is full of various kinds of vacuum cleaners. But you should not confuse yourself among all these types and pick the one which really cleans well. Vacuum cleaners have different shapes, designs and usage. One type of cleaner might look good to you, but it might not fulfil all your cleaning requirements until and unless you know what to look for. There are many vacuum guide available on the internet, however, it is very tough to understand everything theoretically and this is the reason why I have come up with this short “How to buy vacuum cleaner guide” for you. 

For example, if your own a pet, a canister or an upright or stick vacuum cleaner should be the one you should get for yourself. Similarly, if you wish to find your house cleaned everyday before you come home, a robotic or an automatic vacuum cleaner will do this job for you. So, given below is a complete vacuum guide which will tell you about few aspects are that you must check if you are planning to buy a vacuum cleaner for your home.

The Brief Vacuum Guide

Bagged Vacuum or Bagless Vacuum?

The very first thing that you should have in your mind is that whether you require a bagless vacuum cleaner or a bagged one? Also, have a fair idea whether you want a canister, handheld, robotic or some other kind of vacuum cleaner. If you chose bagless vacuum cleaner, it is possible that you might have to purchase an extra vacuum bag in future. But, bagged vacuum cleaners require some extra filters was well. In addition to that, bagged vacuum cleaners should be cleaned from time to time. You will also have to replace or clean the HEPA filter, which is an important part of bagged vacuum cleaners. However, if you have any kind of dust or pollen allergy, bagless vacuum will be best for you.

Check out the Features

Different vacuum cleaners have different features. A motorised vacuum cleaners is any day better than a vacuum that works on suction principle. Also, if you are worried about your favourite wooden flooring’s shine, a vacuum with switch option would be great. It will help you clean your favourite floor finish as well as debris scattering. Prefer models which provide you height adjustment feature and suction power control so that can use it over soft and delicate fabrics as well.

Check the Noise

Vacuum Cleaners definitely create noise and this is why you need to consider it as an important factor. You would not want to disturb your family and friends while you are cleaning your house. However, there is no vacuum cleaner for which you would require hearing protection gear. But canister vacuums are pretty quite, if they can solve your problem, you can definitely find the best canister vacuum cleaners here.

Test the Vacuum Cleaner Yourself

It is not possible every time, but try to check out the vacuum cleaner performance by yourself if you can. You can also check out many videos available online which will give you a fair idea about their cleaning strength.

Check out Add-Ons

Many vacuum cleaning companies offer few add on vacuum parts along with the vacuum cleaners. This might include a upholstery brush, a dusting brush, crevices tool etc. It would be good if you can get them along with the vacuum as they will help in making your cleaning efforts easier and much more efficient.

I hope this vacuum guide is helpful and aids you in deciding the best vacuum for you home. Happy Cleaning!

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