LG Introduces Hub Robot & Smart Robot Cleaners at CES 2017

Well, like every year, this year’s CES was very interesting where tech giants from all around the world came together to showcase their innovative concepts and gadgets they will soon be brining for the consumer in coming time. However, LG was successful in collecting a lot of attention with their new Hub Robot as well as automatic cleaning robots.

LG presented a new line up of smart and intelligent robots which represents the company’s breakthrough int he field of Artificial intelligent and IoT. The lineup of smart robots include a smart home robot, a home notification center as well as intelligent cleaning vacuum robots. These cleaning robots are specially designed for public areas like airports.

LG Hub Robot

LG Hub Robot as the name says works on the concept of smart home but takes the idea to a whole new level. The LG Hub Robot is able to connect to theory appliances that you use in your home and could also integrate with Amazon Alexa to recognise the user’s voice. Root Hub is capable of completing all your simple household tasks like controlling the air conditioners or washing machines just with simple voice commands.

There is an interactive display provided by LG in the root hub which display all the required information like the content of your refrigerator or audio instruction of performing a particular task. Not only that, users can also play their favorite movies or music, set reminders and alarms, get traffic and weather updates etc., using LG Hub Robot.

LG Hub Robot

However, LG has tried to take the home automation to a whole new level by adding gesture recognition in it. So, you can even respond to Hub Robots’s question just by nodding your head. You also receive a lot of expressions from the LG Hub Robot, isn’t that cool?

The robot is smart enough o recognise each and every member of the family and greets you differently overtime you meet. It faces no problem in performing tasks even in common places, and get togethers.

LG also plans to introduce another mini robot along with Hub Robot which could easily be placed in different rooms and will have smart visual display that acting as an extension to the main Hub and performing all the tasks on your voice commands.

Airport Cleaning Robot

LG also introduced an airport cleaning robot which is a special kind of innovative robotic vacuum cleaner possessing huge dust canister along with mini motors as well as brushes. This LG Airport vacuum cleaner can clean floors, tiles, carpets and almost everything that comes in its way. It has a lot of smart sensors and cameras to make sure that the robot works efficiently and effectively at crowded terminals without disturbing the passengers.

The LG Airport Robot vacuum makes use of LIDAR or multiple – Light Detection and Ranging concept to avoid various obstacles coming in its way. It is also smart enough to detect its location by itself and perform the job as per the given instructions.

Airport Guide Robot

Not only for cleaning, there is also a smart guide robot that will soon be hitting the Seoul’s International airport and assist the traveller sand tourists by answering all their questions in four popular languages including: English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

The robot will scan the passenger’s tickets and will give the detailed information about his or her’s flight, gate position, boarding time etc.

You can also ask for directions to the ‘Guide robot’ to various destination inside the airport. It will show their exact position, directions as well as the distance you need to walk to get there. Not only that, if you are lost or late, the LG Guide robot is going to escort you to your destination.

LG Lawn Mowing Robot

The LG Lawn Mowing Robot is a whole new series of smart robots which are capable of identifying and adapting to various terrains and yards and clean them for you automatically.

The Lawn Mowing Robots have a lot of advanced sensors as well as cameras which, just like in Airport cleaning robots, which help them in identifying their locations as well as the obstacles perfectly. LG says that the blades are sharp enough to handle all kinds of grass types safely as well as accurately.

Well, all these new robotic vacuum cleaners and gadgets mark an interesting move for the company in future cleaning. No doubt, soon we are going to see some pretty good models as well but we still need to wait and watch how consumers receive these new futuristic cleaning bots by LG.

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