Tips and Tricks to Speed up your Spring Cleaning

Spring season is almost right here and traditionally it is time to engage ourselves to clean all those moldy, dusty or smelly parts all around. No matter how much we love the clean and sparkling house we live in, few of us actually enjoy spring cleaning while some feel actually getting there isn’t always so fun. Assuming many of us have the basics of how to clean down the things around, there are people not sure of the cleaning process for certain items. To help you to enjoy the spring cleaning, here we have gathered some tips and tricks to streamline your process.


  1. Scrubbing the burners – the most difficult part of the cleaning at home is scrubbing the caked – on grease on the burners. Now it’s easy with some scrubbing solutions available online and the procedure is much easier like just seal the burner with a bag containing ammonia overnight and you can view the sparkling new burgers the next day. Or applying a thin layer of car wax to the stovetop and buffing it with a clean towel might help in some aspects.
  2. Cleaning stainless steel faucets – another hardest part of cleaning is scrubbing the faucet to give the shiny appearance. Here is the solution by just cutting the lemon in half and rubbing on the faucet in the bathroom or kitchen. This leaves behind with a fresh smell and citrus odor rather the pungent smell of the chemicals.
  3. Dishwasher cleaning – once you have removed any visible grease in the dirty dishwasher, place a vinegar cup on the top and run the maximum hottest cycle. Then it is advised to sprinkle a baking soda at the bottom which gives a clean appearance.
  4. Cleaning the living room – dust the tv surfaces, wiping the dust on the ceiling fans and lights, under the sofas and furniture using the pillow case and vacuum cleaners, carpets can be cleaned using the shampoos keeps the room shiny for the entire year.
  5. Washing the outdoors – exterior and outdoors of the house can be scrubbed by siding and sweeping the leaves and other dirty things aside might be a time-consuming job and this can be tackled with a power washer. This might give you a clean look around the house and so if you don’t have one it is advisable to hire one from an outside for a day or two.
  6. Cleaning the microwave– another difficult job in the kitchen is to clean the microwave and there are many solutions available online which makes the work much easier by just keeping it inside the microwave for 15 min.
  7. Dusty windows and blinds cleaning – cleaning the windows and blinds makes the dirt everywhere and cleaning them in simple vinegar and water make the work much simpler. Later they are dried in sun and easily hang them on your window.
  8. Tossing the expired toiletries – it is time to check all your medicine cabinet, toiletries including cosmetics, shampoos, etc and trash things around the house. This can be checked on the internet for specificities in the case of labels available on the packages.

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